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Granny’s Cafe

As Indian Valley Drive-In, Granny’s Café was established during the rich fishing and logging era of the Northwest. It has been owned by four families, each adding their own unique charm. The drive-in (and motel) was founded in the 1950’s by Earl and Alberta Tyndall. In the 1970’s, Marion Raef bought the restaurant, making excellent specials and treating her employees as family. Her brother Richard, and his partner Ed came to help, adding their own kitchen charm, and the nickname became official as Granny’s Café.

In 1999, Marion decided that it was her time to retire and sold the restaurant to a long time admirer, Terry Roszatycki, and his wife, Carol. With four teenage daughters, the Roszatyckis had a captive staff. Terry and Carol worked tirelessly to create an updated charm. The Roszatycki’s eldest daughter, Angela, and husband, Troy, ran the café for nine years with tender loving care.

In 2018, the Pinson family took ownership of Granny’s Cafe and the now Emerald Valley Inn. With their new management team, they seek to honor the former owners and the time and energy that have been invested into this special place. The future of Granny’s Cafe and the Emerald Valley Inn is bright, and you are invited to come and be a part of that future while visiting a little piece of Port Angeles history.

If you are interested in booking a room at the Emerald Valley Inn you can do so here.

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